Duquesne Club Wedding | Kelly + Tylar | Pittsburgh Wedding Photography

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Hello. Kelly and Tylar were such a great couple, and their wedding was a blast! I have so many pictures, of so many details, from the ice cream freezers, to the pink room, the Smilebooth, etc. So much stuff. It was great!

Please take a look and enjoy their “not-so-typical” Duquesne Club wedding. They build a platform over the fountain and installed sod grass for such a unique look. Kelly was all about the Vogue look, so we capitalized on the classic decor and used some off-camera lighting to make some really cool images.

Take a look and please let us know what you think in the comments!

Have a great day.

Venue: Duquesne Club

Hotel: Fairmont

Atmosphere: Design Space


3 Responses to “Duquesne Club Wedding | Kelly + Tylar | Pittsburgh Wedding Photography”

  1. Awesome photos!! Congrats Kelly & Tylar :)

  2. Love the bridal party portrait. Looks like a really cool wedding.

  3. […] Afternoon Delight This is the second entry in our series of MESMERIZING wedding shots! This one screams drama, and is so fitting for their glam – and very unique –  wedding. […]

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