Happy Valentine’s Day

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I want to take this time to say just how much I love my beautiful fiancé.

Not only is Jennifer is the most beautiful woman in the entire world. She is sweet, funny, cute, adorable, and my best friend.

I am also seriously pumped to marry this woman. Hello May 28th, 2010!

Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetheart.

Here is the background…

Engagement photos courtesy of Dana Scheller

Not only the star of my website… she is my second shooter/business partner!


7 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. thanks for the shout out Michael! So excited for you guys. Who did you end up getting as your photog?

  2. […] I needed some real clients and some real locations… I must say though, my beautiful fiance Jennifer is very encouraging and we got tons of pictures out-and-about town, so I can’t […]

  3. I have been awaiting this post forever! Beautiful!

  4. brittan! thank you, i am a very lucky man. when you getting married? and dana, we went with hotmetalstudios

  5. […] Beth Kukucka – who does wonderful “Fine Art Fridays” Mr. MichaelWill – recently engaged! Caryn Azure – a beautiful woman, inside and out. There were many more, but some I just met […]

  6. […] In michaelwill photography on May 28, 2010 by michaelwill Tagged: wedding FYI. Today is my very own wedding and it’s pretty stinking awesome. Jennifer and I are super pumped! It’s just some sort of something marrying the person of your dreams! You can read about some of our background here. […]

  7. Michael, this made me tear up! What a beautiful wedding it was! I am so thankful and Blessed to have shared in your and Jenny’s special day, and to be in your lives.

    Thank you!

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