Pittsburgh Creative Family Portraits with the Powell Family

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What a fun family, and with such cute babies, definitely pumped to work with them in the future!

Let me just say, you’re lucky if you get one of their Christmas cards this year!!


5 Responses to “Pittsburgh Creative Family Portraits with the Powell Family”

  1. Kate:
    They’re adorable!

    But who is that on the right side blocking out the sun?

    I didn’t really insure him, did I?

  2. The girls are gorgeous. I hope that you all have a great holiday!

  3. Dear Kate;

    Do I miss you!!!! You have two absolutely beautiful little girls. Oh my how happy they are, but what do you expect with a mom and dad (althought I never ment him, I know you pick the best) who always made me happy. Happy Holidays and tell you parents I said Hello.

    Love Sue

  4. Michael, these pictures are so incredibly creative! Love the baby pictures. How you got those shots from a baby, just shows how talented you are.

    Very, very impressive.


  5. Happy holiday sorry it’s late

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