Hello MySpace. Will You Help My Business?

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Myspace is not new. Neither is Facebook. Not even Flickr or LinkedIn are catching buzz. Twitter is the new thing.. and it is already starting to calm down.

This is why I caught so much flack on just launching a Myspace account. Now… don’t assume I have been ignorant to Myspace (I had my first account in 2003). I just haven’t been using Myspace, I was involved in Facebook and Twitter, and that is how I kept in touch with friends, in my opinion the Facebook UI is much easier to use…

You may be asking “Michael, Why Myspace?”, and “Why so Late in the Game?”. These are good questions…

It boils down to target audience. I am trying to promote Lifestyle Portrait Photography. One of my biggest client bases is High School Seniors. Take a look at this chart (compliments to Rapleaf & their Social Networking Research):


As you can see, my biggest customer demographic, is on both Facebook and MySpace. My lack of a MySpace presence is not helping anything. Yes, the majority of business is word of mouth… but, think how much easier it will be to talk about Michael Williams Photography, when I’m right in front of you! What was I thinking not being on MySpace earlier!?

Thanks also, to the new MySpace upgrades, you can get some sharp looking templates and really bring a professional page to the table. Take a look for yourself: Michael Williams Photography on Myspace

As you can see… The proof is in the pudding (or the research)… Talk to me in a couple months and ask if the new MySpace has helped business, I bet you it will!

Let me know what you think in the comments and add me as a friend already… I’m new on MySpace ; )


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