Stay Smart. Read.

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You are aware. Information is accessible like never before.

People are blogging, news is online, twitter is free, research is digital, time and distance no longer exist.

The million dollar question then… why are you not taking advantage of this?

Everyone, and their mom (and a lot of moms are doing this), can now self-publish. Information is flooding the Internet. Granted, not all of this is good information, most is gibberish and senseless garbage. But, there is gold in them there mountains! Experts and thought leaders, whose brilliant ideas would normally never see the light of day, are now not only accessible, but free!

Due to the information overload, to be noticed, you have to give away the whole kitchen sink… This is to our benefit, because everyone wants to get noticed. I am assuming you can read between the lines. I won’t belabor the issue.

My point: Information is out there, do yourself a favor, take advantage of it. Google Reader is free and painfully simple, you can even link it up with your iGoogle page. Stay smart, read!

Here are even a couple blogs to get you started:



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