New Business Card Design – Michael Williams Photography

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Every few months or so I like to redesign my business card. Typically, and because I wear so many hats, I will design a new card for whatever I seem to be doing the most of… for example, if I find myself doing a lot of photography I will create a card for Michael the Photographer, subsequently, more design, then Michael the Graphic Designer gets a new card.

Michael Williams Photography Business Card Design

The above is the new Michael William Photography Business Card! It is also to celebrate the new domain name (… currently the site will 301 redirect to my Photo Reflect site, that is until I finish designing the new site!

It is a simple, yet stylish design, I am finding that I like “white-space” more and more everyday… must be those influences (I will have to share them one day). Please let me know what you think in the comments…


2 Responses to “New Business Card Design – Michael Williams Photography”

  1. Nice design!

  2. thank you!

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