Photo Published on RMU’s Homepage

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As a photographer, it is always a privilege to be “published”. In this digital world though, it is a lot easier to have your work in front of people, from Flickr, to Facebook, to any of the garden variety photography hosting websites.

It is something else though to be on the homepage of a major university’s website!

My friend, Tom Dixon, recently produced and directed a full-feature independent film: The Korean

The Korean has been featured in film festivals from California to Pennsylvania. It actually won “Best Action Film” at a festival in Pasadena, CA. I had the distinct pleasure to act as the Production Manager on the film and coordinated everything from cast & crew to food & locations. Film Production is a whole different animal all together!

I learned a lot from my stint in the film industry, one of the key take aways is PATIENCE!

Coordinating locations and not having things come together until the last minute, while balancing talent & crew, can really be a challenge. I learned to keep it cool and keep everyone else cool as well. If you are cool, they are cool! Just play it cool…

Anyway… I took some portraits of Tom after the production for any publications or needs that he might have in promoting the film. Being that Tom is a graduate of RMU, they posted an article about the movie and how it is being featured in the 3 Rivers Film Festival. They used the picture I took, check it out!

my portrait featured on rmu's homepage

my portrait featured on rmu

The article has since been removed from the homepage, but you can view it here.

Thanks for looking… in the meantime, check out some more of my photography.


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